Janeen Loehr, PhD

Janeen Loehr is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Saskatchewan. She was introduced to the delightful idea of using science to study people while completing her B.A. (Honours) degree at the U of S. She completed her Ph.D. in cognitive psychology at McGill University, studying action timing in music performance as a member of the Sequence Production Lab. Interest in interpersonal action coordination took her to the Social Mind and Body Group at the Donders Institute for Brain, Behaviour, and Cognition in the Netherlands. She has now come full circle and is back to studying how people act and interact as a faculty member at the U of S. Email: janeen.loehr@usask.ca

Nicole Bolt

Nicole is a PhD student. Nicole came to the University of Saskatchewan with an interest in how biology influences human behavior and soon found her calling in neuroscience. She started her journey in the lab in 2013 as a summer research assistant, excited to understand more about the neural and cognitive mechanisms that allow people to seamlessly and effortlessly coordinate their actions with each other. Nicole completed her BSc (Hons) in Psychology in 2014 and MA in Cognition and Neuroscience in 2016. Her doctoral research currently investigates how the brain distinguishes between the sensory consequences produced by one’s own and other people’s actions during interpersonal coordination.

Catriona (Katie) Douglas

Katie will soon be joining the lab as a Master’s student. Her long-term goal is to develop dual-EEG methods for assessing interpersonal interactions in therapeutic contexts.

Lauren Slavik

Lauren has been part of the research team since 2014 and completed her BA (Hons) in Psychology in 2016. She is passionate about brains and music, and is fascinated by any research that combines those topics. She is particularly interested in studying the connection between joint agency and the “flow” experience during music performance, and the implications for music therapy and neuro-rehabilitation.

Steven Farkasdi

Steven is currently pursuing an undergraduate honours degree in Psychology. As a research assistant in the lab, he is working on optimizing the lab’s mobile EEG set-up while planning an honours project related to monitoring joint actions.

Juan Del Castillo Cabada

Juan is pursuing an undergraduate honours degree in Psychology. His work in the lab focuses primarily on people’s experiences of joint agency when they coordinate their actions to achieve a shared goal.

Jenny Chomyn

Jenny is an undergraduate research assistant. She is currently completing her BA in Psychology en route to medical school. Her interest in interpersonal interactions drew her to the lab. She has also found a wealth of opportunities to apply her previous work experience in Human Resources to fine-tune the functioning of the lab.


Dimitrios Kourtis, Ghent University
Cordula Vesper, Central European University
Terry Eskenazi, Ecole Normale Superieure
Jennifer Nicol, University of Saskatchewan
José Tellez Zenteno, University of Saskatchewan


Yalin Chen (postdoctoral fellow, University of Saskatchewan)
Sarah Ardell (undergraduate honours student, University of Saskatchewan)
Evan Poncelet (undergraduate honours student, University of Saskatchewan)
Trista Friedrich (undergraduate research student, University of Saskatchewan)